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We are dedicated to empowering individuals and teams through our transformative skills-building workshops.

Coloring Culture

Find your inner peace with "Coloring Culture"! Immerse yourself in hip-hop-inspired artwork and empowering affirmations, curated to nurture your soul. Purchase your copy today and explore creative self-discovery

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Welcome to Tru Pearl Solution Services PLLC. Whether you seek to enhance communication, manage stress, master time management, or resolve conflicts, our expert facilitators are here to guide you on your journey.

At Tru Pearl, we understand the importance of fostering a thriving environment within organizations and groups. Our facilitation services are designed to help you navigate difficult discussions, paving the way for constructive solutions and achieving the outcomes you desire.

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for empowering individuals, we are ready to support you every step of the way. Join us on this enriching adventure of self-discovery and development.


Together, let's unlock your true potential and reach new heights of success.

Speaking & Events

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Tru Pearl Solution Services PLLC is a highly reputable social impact business that prioritizes education, mental health, wellness, and business. We provide our clients with comprehensive resources to develop innovative solutions, all while using culturally sound, evidence-based practices. We continually engage in professional development to remain up to date on the latest research, theories, and best practices related to cultural competence. Our holistic approach addresses our clients' needs by leveraging our expertise in multiple fields to provide comprehensive services that yield optimal results.

Areas of Expertise:


  • Mental Health Counseling

  • Needs Assessment

  • Career Counseling 

  • Parenting Classes 

  • Educational Consultant

  • Tutoring Program Development

  • Professional Development 

  • Facilitation & Speaking Engagements

  • Customized Workshops/Training 

  • Mental Health & Wellness Consultant

  • Expertise in Emotional Intelligence

  • Community Education & Advocacy

  • Non-Profit Management

  • Case Management Services

Areas of Expertise


We contracted Tru Pearl Solution Services, PLLC, for our Junior League. Shenequa Thomas gave an excellent workshop to league members, and participants were left empowered with the tools needed to endure and thrive in the pandemic. Additionally, the journal written by Mrs. Thomas is a game changer. Investing in the journal is a self-help tool that can assist you in becoming your best self. I recommended Tru Pearl Solution Services, PLLC, without reservation.

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